Please Pray:

  • Safety as Paul & Esther travel within Ethiopia and abroad
  • God’s guidance as Amara Aid identifies new projects
  • For the young people supported by Amara Aid
  • Dr. Ruth Hulser as she heads up the work with Familia Moja
  • Thank God for renewing contact with Prisca who we met in 2007 when visiting Arusha but a short time later Prisca was was inflicted with paralysis and she was admitted to a care home.  Prisca has been making a slow recovery and is able to walk again with help of a stick.
  • Caren has completed a degree in Law and awaits her final exam results. 
Hello, I'm Yohana Paulo, studying at Bugando University medicine. I am delighted to express my sincerely thanks to you people for your caring & support that enable me to continue with my studies. I can't thank you enough! I only pray to God to continue blessing you guys & l shall always be proud of you.  Words can't express how happy l am but only God knows what is inside my ❤.

May God bless you more and more 


Hello, Mom, we thank you a lot for a big surprise you did to us.We do not have any thing to give you but we remain say a lot of thanks to you as might Lord bless you.  We have  received the surprise last week and now we are heading to go to buy our laptop in this week. We thank you for the pocket money also as we received. We real enjoy and proud that you with us, actual we are doing well with our studies and we are preparing for the next examination for closing the year (annual) examination but its from the city. Thank you.
Your Sincerely,
Eva Meyas


Dear Jim and Iris;
I salute both of you. How are you doing? Here at Canaan is quiet fine. We are proceeding with our duties well. Kennedy and rose are doing well with their studies. We are expecting to have our annual vacation in December this year whereby Kennedy will be in class six and Rose in class three. I hope to hear from you.
Yours Cordially;

Dear Mama Iris;
I hope that you are fine and you are continuing well with your daily at school I am also fine and happy as I doing my A-level studies.
Please forgive me because it is longtime since I sent email to you this situation sometimes occurs because I lack personal computer or even smart phone.  But I will try in my level best not this situation to happen again.
Thank you so much for paying school fees for me and for pocket money that you sent for me God bless you and I always praying for you for wonderful job that you are doing.
In my A-level studies I decided to take Physics chemistry and mathematics  as I want to be an engineer and I am sure that I will make it. God bless you and all Amara Aid’s members
Your Sincerely,
Philip Lomnyak

Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer

ROMANS 12.12