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We provide Christian support for development projects where we see the need. In recent years we have focuses on Medical, Education, Agriculture and Water projects. All donations go directly to the projects and our representatives on the ground work hand in hand to ensure accountability and project success! Our latest newsletter

Arusha Medical Centre

2014 - Present

It is Giving Tuesday.  I remember when Fortunate walked into our hospital from a neighboring government hospital, a 25-week premature baby held against her chest.  She had heard that we could possibly save a baby so small.  Everyone else told her such a baby was as good as dead.

Several years have since passed, and Aichi is now an active preschooler. Our NICU has more than doubled in both size and census. We now have 30 NICU nurses and 2 full-time Tanzanian doctors to support our busy unit.

Babies now come to us now from across northern Tanzanian, even by emergency air flight.  So do the doctors and nurses from other hospitals, who want to see with their own eyes what they thought was impossible. 

We never turn a family away for inability to pay.  We work with every family to keep their baby in our NICU, while giving them the dignity to contribute what they can.  Every baby's care is supported in some measure through the NICU Fund, with many babies fully supported.

Please take a moment and watch this 3-minute video, Aichi.  It is one small reason why we give of our lives, finances, and time to serve in this beautiful country.

Aichi Video

Aichi.  A gift.

With gratitude,
Jodi and Steve

316 Babies, a remarkable Survival Rate, and the writing of an essential NICU Handbook.
Last year our NICU cared for 316 babies.  45% were premature, some weighing less than 2 pounds (<1000 grams).  85 babies (30%) from our poorest families were fully supported by our NICU Fund, and all remaining NICU babies received partial subsidization.

Among viable babies admitted to our NICU, 93% survived.  This has to be among the highest NICU survival rates reported anywhere in East Africa, and is a great tribute to the hard work of our entire team.  At present, we are in the midst of writing the first-ever neonatology handbook (300+ pages!) for use across all of Tanzania, and hope to publish it soon.

Though COVID-19 is occupying all of our hearts, our NICU remains full every day with vulnerable babies and attentive mothers.  We are taking precautions.  And we continue to need funds to help us care for these most vulnerable babies, especially in this time when the hospital faces financial uncertainty.  Please take a moment to watch our newest 3-minute video, "Every Baby Counts. No Matter How Small.", and consider giving.

Every Baby Counts

News from the Jacobsons

Covid Update
Tanzania hasn’t issued a summary of their Covid 19 cases for almost two months. Two weeks ago, the President announced that God has cured Covid in Tanzania and we are free to return to normal. The borders have been opened and schools are open again.

Yet in the background, the hospitals are caring daily for Covid patients and neighbors know who is sick at home and who has died at home. But without statistics, no one is able to get a handle on what is really happening with the pandemic in Tanzania.

Covid seems not to have had as horrific an impact on morbidity and mortality as anticipated. Perhaps because of the young average age of the population with 50% of the population being age 15 or below.
Whatever understanding is eventually learned about Covid in Tanzania, it is already abundantly clear that the greater impact of Covid has been upon the economy. The tourist industry has collapsed and brought about great unemployment. The lost revenues in many industries are bound to lead to struggles with famine, less access to health care, and difficulty for students to remain in schools.

USAID has predicted that the after effects of Covid may do away with decades of development across the African continent. Our challenge is no longer an epidemic but rather a doubling down for development.

New School of Nursing Campus Opens
School Closures for Covid provided an opportunity for the SON to complete preparations for the move into our new campus at Ekenywa. We celebrated and welcomed the students into our new and renovated facility on June 1st. This long time dream has become a reality thanks to so many of you who have been absolutely incredibly generous and supportive.



Familia Moja Clinic

2018 - Present

Life at the Medical Clinic in Tabora is hectic on a day to day basis. Not only do they have patients from the district but many are contacted through the Traveling Clinic which covers four villages many miles from Tabora. Dr. Ruth Hulser writes “Thank you for your generous donation to the Clinic. We are using the money to help children with Pneumonia survival."


Familia Farm

2018 - Present

Familia Moja Farm is expanding all the time with pigs, rabbits, donkeys, cows and chickens.  Amara Aid provided the ļ¬nance to buy 380 hens that produce 2,100 eggs per week and meat for Aids victim families who have been left without a provider.


Water Storage

2016 - Present

Amara Aid has supported Familia Moja to construct underground water storage facilities that drinking water to be stored for up to six months in Tabora, Tanzania where rainfall is unreliable. 18 dams have been constructed to hold rainwater during the dry-season and allow breeding of fish.


Polytunnel Project

2014 - Present

Amara Aid supported the construction of a polytunnel at the Arusha Modern School. Students have formed a business club called “Malihai Club” that produces vegetables for sale to the school and the local community. The produce has saved the school over $2,000 over the past 2 years.  Arusha Modern School's cateen is supplied by this project.

Arusha Modern School

2013 - Present

The 4 young people at Arusha Modern School are doing their A levels this month.  Sadly the school has now closed down so Amara will have to make a decision regarding the future of these young people that we support.
Caren is doing her finals in Law this month and hoping to succeed in her quest to become a human rights lawyer. She asks for our prayers.
The young people living in Dar-es-Salaam are confined at home because of covet 19. It is a sad time especially for Queen who had successfully achieved her air hostess grades.

There are no jobs within Tanzanian airways at present again because of the collapse of the tourist trade. It is hard times for everyone. Sabra is thankfully still employed in the laboratory of the local hospital and is helping with the household bill.

Amara Aid is able to contribute towards their rent, food and personal needs.  God has been good in supplying sufficient funds through the shop and faithful friends to help us.

A letter from Caren
I thank God we have safely crossed to 2021 despite covid 19 pandemic, and I pray that may God continue protecting both of us throughout 2021. Happy new year mama. Back in Tanzania we all safe and sound.
I am writing to let you know that I have completed my studies in law school last year December on 21, the results are yet to come but hopeful around April they will be out already. I can't thank you enough mama for making my dream come true. It's hard to find the right word to thank you for your devotion to make my life better but all I can say is THANK YOU. I have grown into a woman with an urge to help those in need in my society and all this comes from you.
I spent my holidays in Kilimanjaro with my late friend's family, her sister got engaged.  I had a very good time there. I sent you some pictures i took after the oral examination at the Lawschool and others from Kilimanjaro.
May the Almighty God keep showering his blessings upon you and your family. Be blessed
Love Caren

Africian Primary & Secondary School

2016 - Present

Amara Aid sponsors four teenagers who are currently about to finish their education in November '19.

Canaan Primary School

2017 - Present

Amara Aid sponsors two young children who are day students. Kennedy & Rose.